Gen Z

Signing the Gen Z Act is committing to the values of Generation Z (13-26 years old) in your service or communication. These values are transparency, consideration and proximity. This movement has only just begun.

Signing, is commiting to :

  • Have at least one product/service aimed at Generation Z

  • Seek more input from Gen Z on product/service creation

  • Strengthen your community and be more active on social networks

  • Have several people from Generation Z (under 25) in your teams

  • Be transparent in the communications and provide a summary report on these points once a year

They already signed ❤️



Why the GEN Z ACT? 👊

We are Generation Z (people born between 1995 and 2010). This generation 3 billion young people, that is to say 1/3 of the world's population.

We are creative, committed, entrepreneurial and very well informed. We are also hyper-connected through our communities on the networks.

Including more young people in the decision-making process while communicating transparently and daily with them on social networks: these are the commitments of the Gen Z Act.

Our goal is to unite companies around these commitments and accelerate their transition to services that truly address this generation.

Our goals 🎯

  • Bring together all the companies that want to act in the interest of Generation Z

  • Identify companies that have a real desire to improve their services for Generation Z

  • Enable Generation Z to identify brands that are truly committed to moving in their direction

We will publish a quarterly GEN Z ACT review 😏